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Dear parents and stakeholder,

Let me take this opportunity to introduce our school as a quality oriented institution dedicated to the forwarding of the educational standards of the rural area of the lalganj. We have been working tirelessly for the upgradation of the educational standards of the area. Our goals for the holistic education are very well reflected in the realization of the ISO 9001: 2008 standards .

The foundations of the school were laid on the ideals and expectations of Sir Raj kishore singh “Bakshiji,” a name that needs to introduction. He was a seminal figure who, not only redfined the way commerce was conduted in the district but also has a vision for the modernization of the educational standards in the locality. A staunch believer of karma yoga of Gita, Bakshiji dedicated his life to the upliftment of society at large

When the foundation stones of the school were laid, we knew we have to go a long way before we become a force in the field of education. Today 21 years have passed sine the inception and I must admit, we have surpassed our own edpectations.

We hoped to be the best school in the district and we are pretty close to realizing that goal mostly because of the focus we place on the all round development of our students

We are d thankful to the parents, Guardians, Teachers, mentor, and last but not the least our alumni who have invested their faith in us and co-operated as and when required. We request you to keep that faith and we promise you return it with interst.

As the manager of the school, I would to draw the attention of parents towards the use of modern telecommunication devices like smartphone and laptops by their wards. They must ensure that their children use them for their benefit only and not waste their precious time playing with them.

The parents are also urged to spare their time to visit the school meet the respective subject teachers, class teachers and the administrative staff in order to keelp a realistic track of the development of their wards.

Those members of teaching staff who coach students privately are requested to treat the school as their own and guide the students in the best possible manner in the classes as well. A word for the students, they need to imbibe in themselves the highest moral standard and discipline. It will hekp them become fine citizens of society and be role models for the coming generations.

The school requires all your cooperation in becoming one of the best public school in country and set new standards for other school to follow.
Shantanu Singh      
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